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Mayor Ben Canama Marks 56th Charter Anniversary with Gratitude to Sponsors

Mayor Ben Canama extended his profound gratitude to all the sponsors who played a pivotal role in the successful commemoration of Tangub City’s 56th Charter Anniversary. The celebration, marking over half a century since the city’s founding, was a testament to the community’s resilience, unity, and progress.

“Thank you very much to the sponsors who supported us in our 56th Charter Anniversary in our City of Tangub,” Canama expressed, acknowledging the significant contributions that helped make the event memorable. The support from various sponsors was instrumental in bringing the festivities to life, ensuring that the anniversary was celebrated with the pomp and circumstance it deserved.

The Politiko also emphasized the importance of gratitude and faith in his message, adding, “We appreciate your contribution to the success of this celebration. God bless and always put GOD FIRST!” This sentiment reflects the community’s values and the spirit of thankfulness that pervades the city’s celebrations.

The 56th Charter Anniversary of Tangub City was not only a time for joyous festivities but also an opportunity for reflection on the city’s journey and accomplishments over the years. With the support of its sponsors and the guidance of its leaders, Tangub City continues to thrive and look forward to a future filled with hope and prosperity.

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