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Mayor Ben Magalong Applauds Baguio’s Public Order Division for Environmental Initiative

In a commendable display of environmental stewardship, the Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) of Baguio City embarked on a green initiative today, diligently clearing trash along the expanse of Bonifacio Street.

Led by Chief Daryll Longid, the POSD team’s efforts received praise from Mayor Benjamin Magalong, who underscored the importance of collective responsibility for the city’s safety.

“Proper waste disposal is crucial, and it’s incumbent upon each of us to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings,” Mayor Magalong emphasized.

The initiative reflects Baguio City’s commitment to sustainability and underscores the significance of community involvement in preserving the environment. As Baguio residents, Mayor Magalong urged everyone to actively participate in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness, fostering a cleaner and more vibrant city for all.

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