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Mayor Dello Lood Participates in Gender and Development Training Workshop

Mayor Dello Lood participated in a comprehensive Four-day Training/Workshop held at Seda Ayala Center in Cebu City. The focus of this training was on the formulation of Gender and Development Plan and Budget (GPB) for the year 2025.

The primary objective of this activity was to provide participants, including Mayor Lood, with the essential knowledge and skills required to develop gender-sensitive and gender-responsive GAD agendas and Budget Plans. Furthermore, the training aimed to ensure the mainstreaming of GAD principles and the judicious utilization of the allocated 5% GAD Fund.

Integral to the workshop was an emphasis on the significance of integrating a gender perspective into policies and programs, and ensuring their mainstream inclusion into the planning and budgeting processes. Through this training, participants like Mayor Lood gained valuable insights into the critical role of gender sensitivity in local governance and policymaking.

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