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Mayor Dello T. Lood’s Administration Upholds Transparency with 1st Quarter Accomplishment Report

Mayor Dello T. Lood’s administration is committed to upholding transparency in governance, as demonstrated by the recent presentation of the municipality’s accomplishments for the 1st Quarter of 2024. Held during the SB Session, the Office of the Municipal Mayor, through the Municipal Information Department, provided a comprehensive report detailing the administration’s achievements.

In line with its commitment to transparency, hard copies of the Accomplishment Report were distributed to all SB Members, ensuring that the municipality’s progress is accessible and tangible. This initiative serves as a testament to the administration’s dedication to accountability and openness in governance.

Moreover, the Office of the Municipal Mayor continues its efforts to disseminate pertinent updates, announcements, and programs across the municipality. By fostering a culture of transparency and participation, Mayor Lood’s administration strives to engage citizens and stakeholders in the governance process, promoting collective progress and development.

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