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Mayor Indy Oaminal weds 1,095 Couples in Ozamiz Wedding Extravaganza

Love was in the air as Mayor Indy Oaminal of Ozamiz City presided over a spectacular mass wedding, uniting a staggering 1,095 couples in holy matrimony at the unforgettable #KasalanSaFiesta event.

In a display of community spirit and love, the Politiko congratulated 180 newlywed couples who participated in the joyous celebration.

The event showcased marriage as a cornerstone of societal strength with some photos shared on his official page.

“With today’s festivities, we’ve officially tied the knot for 1,095 Ozamiznons,” the Politiko announced, affirming the city’s unwavering support for building resilient families and fostering unity among its residents. The colorful ceremony, marked by heartfelt vows and jubilant cheers, epitomized Ozamiz City’s dedication to promoting love and solidarity within its vibrant community.

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