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Mayor Jalosjos seeks to rebuild Ilihan Hill to boost tourism in Dapitan City

Dapitan City Mayor Seth Frederick “Bullet” P. Jalosjos, together with heads of offices and advisers of the local government, has inspected the Ilihan Hill with the effort to revitalize it.

Armed with an old Spanish-era map, the group meticulously evaluated the current landscape, piecing together the past and envisioning the future, the city government said.

“This initiative is more than just a site visit; it’s a journey back in time. The aim? To rebuild the old Spanish-time structures that once stood tall on the hill, breathing new life into Dapitan’s remarkable heritage,” it said.

The city government said that Ilihan Hill was once a fortress protecting the community from typhoons and pirate invasions.

The local government wants to tranform it back into a symbol of resilience and cultural pride.

“This project holds immense potential to boost tourism, education, and community engagement, making Dapitan’s story even more captivating,” it said.

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