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Mayor John Dalipe Applauds Cinechavacano Film Fest Success

The 2024 Cinechavacano Film Festival has concluded, with Zamboanga City Mayor John Dalipe at the forefront in congratulating the winners and lauding the invaluable contribution of young filmmakers and producers in preserving the Chavacano language. This year’s festival, held on Thursday night, February 22, at the Theater Room of the Garden Orchid Hotel, saw “Que Tal” by Owen Lepiten securing the top spot, along with three other major awards, including best director, screenplay, and editing. The second and third places were taken by “Accidentalist” by Ros de Guia and “Con Ambre” by Sofia Falcasantos, respectively.

Mayor Dalipe expressed his profound appreciation for the creativity, talent, and devotion to the Chavacano language exhibited by the local filmmakers and producers. In his remarks, he stressed the importance of preserving this precious language and the vital role it plays in the cultural fabric of Zamboanga City and the region.

He further emphasized his administration’s commitment to promoting and preserving Chavacano, underlining the vision of making it a language of peace, prosperity, and development. The Mayor’s words echo the sentiment of many who believe that safeguarding indigenous languages is critical to preserving cultural heritage and fostering a sense of identity and pride.

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