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Mayor John Dalipe Delivers P2.64M Cash Aid to Tumaga’s Elderly Community

Mayor John Dalipe of Zamboanga City has announced the release of P2.64 million for the quarterly cash incentives of 1,243 senior citizens in Tumaga. The distribution took place at the barangay covered court on February 12 and 13, where the city government ensured the funds were fairly disbursed to support the elderly.

Mayor Dalipe has also assured all senior citizens across the city that this program will be maintained, covering all residents aged 60 and above. The program is inclusive, regardless of the beneficiaries’ employment status, membership in organizations, or whether they are pensioners or recipients of other remunerations.

This initiative symbolizes Zamboanga City’s appreciation and recognition of the contributions made by the elderly community. By providing quarterly cash incentives, the City Government aims to ensure the well-being and dignity of its elderly residents, affirming their value and significance in Zamboanga City’s vibrant and diverse fabric.

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