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Mayor John Dalipe Honors Zamboangueño Topnotchers in Respiratory Therapists Licensure Examination

Zamboanga City Mayor John Dalipe has formally recognized seven exceptional Zamboangueño topnotchers in the recent Respiratory Therapists Licensure Examination (RTLE). These individuals have brought immense honor and pride to the city with their outstanding performance in the national examination.

Acknowledging them as among the best and brightest in Zamboanga, Mayor Dalipe personally presented each RTLE topnotcher with a plaque of recognition, underscoring the city’s gratitude for their remarkable achievements.

The honorees include Mademoiselle Ann Alvarez (Top 4), Ruth Airha Espartero (Top 6), Patricia Alika Lim (Top 8), Jowena Jane Jabonitalla (Top 9), Norliza Salamun (Top 10), Cassandra Coligado, and Jocel Ann Enopia. Alvarez, Espartero, Lim, Jabonitalla, Salamun, and Coligado are graduates of Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ), while Enopia graduated from Brent Hospital and Colleges.

In his commendation, Mayor Dalipe also lauded the school administrations of UZ and Brent for their commitment to providing quality education. He emphasized that the city takes pride in the excellent educational institutions that foster and nurture top-caliber professionals like these respiratory therapists.

The RTLE topnotchers’ achievement not only highlights their individual excellence but also reflects the high standards of education and the academic excellence in Zamboanga City.

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