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Mayor John Dalipe Joins Barangay Lanzones’ Vibrant Pre-Fiesta Celebration

Mayor John Dalipe participated in Barangay Lanzones’ pre-fiesta celebrations, known as Team Dalipe Night, alongside Barangay Captain Roseller “Ller” Atilano and other city and barangay officials at the Sapa Bonga Basketball Covered Court on April 4th. The event featured the highly anticipated Miss Gay Pangkalawakan competition, adding an extra layer of glamour and excitement as contestants captivated the crowd with their charm and stellar performances. Vice Mayor Pinpin Pareja, along with city councilors Jihan Edding, James Siason, and Jimmy Villaflores, also joined the festivities, making it a joyous occasion for Sitio Sapa Bongga in Barangay Lanzones!

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