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Mayor John Dalipe Launches Verano Festival, Celebrating Zamboanga’s Coastal Charms

Mayor John Dalipe led the launch of the Verano Festival at Sta. Cruz Island, setting a tone of warmth and encouragement for a day filled with festivity. The Fiesta na Isla event highlighted Zamboanga’s breathtaking coastlines and the significance of sustainable tourism in local development. Joined by city and barangay officials, island stakeholders, and tourists, the festival aimed to foster community engagement and outdoor recreation. It featured beach volleyball competitions and the inaugural windsurfing showcase, promoting physical fitness and mental well-being through aqua-sports.

Mayor Dalipe’s leadership underscores Zamboanga City’s commitment to preserving its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Events like Fiesta na Isla not only encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle but also showcase the city’s vibrant spirit to the world.

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