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Mayor John Dalipe shares Initiative on Quarterly Cash Aid for Senior Citizens

In a move that highlights his commitment to prioritize the welfare of senior citizens, Mayor John Dalipe of San Jose Gusu and Campo Islam announced the distribution of a P1,000 quarterly cash incentive for the elderly residents of the city’s 98 barangays.

On Thursday, February 22, Mayor Dalipe’s initiative reached San Jose Gusu and Campo Islam, providing much-needed financial support to the senior citizens. The total disbursement of P3.241 million was allocated to cover the incentive for 1,410 beneficiaries in Baliwasan, with the payout taking place at the Armor Village covered court in San Jose Gusu. The cash aid was retroactively applicable to the second and fourth quarters of 2023.

Mayor Dalipe expressed his heartfelt dedication to the elderly community, emphasizing his continuous effort to enhance their quality of life. His initiative reflects his administration’s ongoing commitment to maximize the benefits and privileges of the elderly sector in the city.

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