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Mayor John Dalipe Sparks Joy at Sangali Fishtival with Vibrant Celebrations

Zamboanga Mayor John Dalipe brought an air of excitement to the Sangali Fishtival as he extended his warmest greetings to the residents of Sangali, setting the stage for a lively and festive atmosphere at the Sangali Barangay Covered Court on May 1st. Accompanied by Kap. Mukattil Adjail and dedicated barangay officials, the evening reached its climax with a spectacular fireworks display, filling the sky with bursts of vibrant colors and eliciting joyous reactions from the delighted crowd. Amidst the jubilant celebration, the sounds of cheers and applause reverberated, symbolizing the resounding success of the event and the unity of the community. Viva, San Jose! Feliz Fiesta, Sangali!

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