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Mayor John Dalipe Takes Lead in Safeguarding Maritime Security Amid Joint Training Exercise

Mayor John Dalipe has emerged as a proactive advocate for maritime security, showcasing his dedication through hands-on participation in the Joint Interagency Maritime Security Operations Training Exercise. His close supervision of Philippine units during boat raids underscores his unwavering commitment to defending Filipino waters and ensuring the safety of coastal regions.
Taking place against the scenic backdrop of the Zamboanga coast from April 15th to the 18th, this exercise serves as a collaborative effort between diverse branches of the Philippine military and the U.S. Special Operations Task Force 511.2. Together, they aim to enhance maritime security tactics essential for bolstering national sovereignty and safeguarding coastal communities.

Mayor Dalipe’s active involvement in this training exercise highlights the importance of local leadership in promoting maritime security initiatives. His hands-on approach signifies a proactive stance in addressing maritime threats and underscores the vital role played by coastal regions in ensuring national defense and maritime safety.

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