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Mayor John Dalipe Unveil Region’s Premier BUCAS Center

In a landmark event, Mayor John Dalipe, in collaboration with officials from the Department of Health (DOH) and the Mindanao Central Sanitarium (MCS), proudly cut the ribbon on the Region’s inaugural Bagong Urgent Care and Ambulatory Services (BUCAS) Center. The inauguration took place in Pasobolong, Zamboanga City, on March 25, 2024.

The establishment of this pioneering center marks a significant stride towards the fulfillment of a broader vision. Mayor Dalipe articulated the ambitious aim to establish 28 BUCAS Centers by the year 2028, with a commitment to offering urgent and ambulatory care services accessible to all residents. This initiative mirrors a steadfast dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility, aligning seamlessly with the overarching ethos of ‘Bagong Pilipinas Bawat Buhay Mahalaga’ (A New Philippines, Every Life Matters).

Assisted by Pasobolong Barangay Chairman Kap Rommel Francisco and medical leaders from partnering hospitals, the endeavor aims to redefine the landscape of healthcare delivery for Filipinos, ushering in an era of unprecedented accessibility and efficiency.

The inauguration ceremony drew a distinguished gathering of guests, including DOH Regional Director Dr. Joshua Brillantes, DOH Assistant Regional Director Lenny Johnson-Rivera, City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Amor Miravite, and MCS Medical Center Chief Dr. Hannah M. Rojas.

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