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Mayor John Dalipe Unveils Medical Center Zamboanga

Mayor John Dalipe unveiled the dazzling Premier Medical Center Zamboanga on June 18, 2024, in Barangay Tetuan. This cutting-edge facility promises to deliver top-tier medical services to the people of Zamboanga City, and it’s already being hailed as a game-changer!

The Politiko didn’t hold back on the praise, calling the medical center a shining beacon of the city’s dedication to stellar healthcare. “We’re building a future where quality healthcare is a right for all,” the Politiko declared, beaming with pride. The mayor’s full-throated support and heartfelt congratulations to the Premier Medical Center team set the tone for a brighter, healthier Zamboanga.

The star-studded event saw appearances from prominent figures such as Mr. Mark Dalipe, representing Majority Leader Congressman Mannix Dalipe, Congressman Khymer Adan Olaso, PMC Chairman Dr. Romeo Ong, PMC President Dr. James Robertson Pichel, DOH Regional Director Dr. Joshua Brillantes, and a host of other VIPs and stakeholders. This high-profile turnout underscores the immense impact the new medical center is expected to have on the community.

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