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Mayor Jojo Roa Marks Turning Point in Clarin MPS Leadership

The Politiko Guides Clarin MPS in Successful Turnover Ceremony.

Mayor Jojo Dacer Roa, at the Clarin Municipal Police Station (MPS), graced the transition in leadership, marked by the successful turnover of office from former Chief PMaj Jingle Esick to the new Chief, PMaj Alvin Tamayo. This prestigious event, attended by PCol Dwight Monato, the Provincial Director of Misamis Occidental Police Provincial Office (MOCPPO), garnered attention not only for the changing of the guard but also for the influential presence of Action Man.

The “ROAMINAL TANDEM” encounter showcased the active participation of Mayor Jojo Dacer Roa and Ate ng Bayan VM Riza Oaminal-Delos, City Councilors, and the Chief and Officers of the Force in the Province of Misamis Occidental. The atmosphere was charged with mixed emotions as former Chief PMaj Jingle Esick delivered a valedictory speech, expressing both happiness and sadness.

Major Esick, while keeping the reasons for his resignation as Clarin MPS Chief confidential, disclosed that his decision was rooted in the ambition to progress further in his career. Despite bidding farewell, Major Esick expressed gratitude to the entire ROAMINAL ADMINISTRATION for fostering a positive relationship with the police and effectively managing community affairs.

Reflecting on his tenure, Major Esick shared a symbolic message with the former Kwerpo members, referring to them as the “Clarin MPS Airlines” and himself as the pilot. As the reins were passed on to the new “pilot,” Major Tamayo, Major Esick expressed hope that Clarin Police would continue to serve the community under their new leadership.

During the ceremony, PMaj Alvin Tamayo thanked the Lord for his new role and expressed his eagerness to serve under the guidance of Action Man Mayor Jojo Dacer Roa. Mayor Jojo, in his address, reiterated the police motto “TO SERVE AND TO PROTECT,” underscoring the crucial role of law enforcement in maintaining peace and order. Mayor Jojo expressed gratitude to Major Jingle Esick for his dedicated service, particularly in addressing challenges related to illegal drug activities.

Mayor Jojo emphasized the significance of the police’s role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Misamisnons. He echoed the commitment of Governor Atty Henry Sevilla Oaminal to uphold peace in the province, emphasizing the importance of stopping the sale of drugs to maintain order in Clarin.

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