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Mayor Lorelie Geronimo Pacquiao Joins Officials in Celebrating 85th Founding Anniversary and 54th Kalilangan Festival

General Santos City Mayor Lorelie Geronimo Pacquiao was among the notable officials who graced the dual celebration of the 85th Founding Anniversary and the 54th Kalilangan Festival of General Santos City. The festivities, held on this momentous day, brought together residents and visitors alike to commemorate the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Mayor Pacquiao, alongside several distinguished leaders, symbolized the unity and pride of the city. Their presence underscored their commitment to preserving the city’s heritage and fostering community engagement. The event was a testament to the enduring spirit of General Santos City and its people.

The Kalilangan Festival, a showcase of the city’s cultural diversity, featured a dazzling array of activities. From traditional performances to modern interpretations of local arts, the festival captivated attendees of all ages. The event’s lively atmosphere was a testament to the city’s dynamic and inclusive spirit.

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