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Mayor Oric Furigay Celebrates Lamitan’s Progress in Annual SOCR

Mayor Oric Furigay’s State of the City Report (SOCR) this year shines a spotlight on the administration’s impressive accomplishments across multiple sectors. The report covers advancements in infrastructure and public works, economic development, sustainability and the environment, disaster risk reduction and management, health and sanitation, education and youth, social services, financial health, agriculture and animal welfare, and tourism.
This remarkable progress is credited to the unwavering dedication of government officials and employees, along with essential support from various line agencies that have been key to the city’s growth.

These achievements reflect the collective efforts of everyone involved. From a surge in registered businesses to new infrastructure projects that enhance the lives of Lamiteños, the city is making significant strides towards an even better future. The Politiko proudly declares, “Abante pa more, Lamitan!”

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