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Mayor Oric Furigay clinches 2023 Good Financial Housekeeping recognition

Lamitan celebrates the recognition of its officials and employees for their commitment to sound financial management practices.

Mayor Oric Furigay, alongside the Provincial Government of Basilan, proudly announced the achievement of the City Government of Lamitan in obtaining the esteemed 2023 Good Financial Housekeeping award. Under Mayor Furigay’s leadership and the diligent efforts of the Local Finance Committee, Lamitan showcases its dedication to fiscal responsibility and transparency.

The city commends its officials and employees, including Mayor Furigay, Vice Mayor, Councilors, and staff members, for their outstanding contribution to this accomplishment. Their relentless pursuit of maintaining sound financial management practices has earned Lamitan recognition as a municipality with exemplary financial governance.

Mayor Furigay extends his warm congratulations to all the passers of the 2023 Good Financial Housekeeping, including those from Maluso, Sumisip, and Tuburan. Their commitment to excellence serves as a testament to Lamitan’s commitment to upholding high standards of financial governance.

The Local Finance Committee, led by Mayor Furigay, Vice Mayor, and other local officials, deserves commendation for their diligence and dedication in ensuring Lamitan’s adherence to stringent financial accountability and transparency standards. Their collective efforts have significantly contributed to the city’s success and reputation for good financial management practices.

As Lamitan celebrates this remarkable achievement, Mayor Furigay emphasizes the importance of continuous efforts in maintaining and enhancing financial governance standards. With unwavering dedication, Lamitan remains committed to achieving excellence in financial management, ensuring the prudent and effective utilization of public funds for the welfare of its constituents.

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