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Mayor Oric Furigay Joins Former VP Leni Robredo in Assessing Angat Buhay Weaving Center

Former Vice President Leni Robredo made a significant visit to the Angat Buhay Weaving Center in Brgy. Buahan, Lamitan, Basilan, on March 20, 2024, accompanied by Mayor Oric Furigay. Their purpose was to assess the project’s status and progress, highlighting Mayor Furigay’s dedication to community development.

During the visit, Mayor Furigay and Vice President Robredo engaged with the local community, evaluating the impact of the weaving center firsthand. Mayor Furigay’s leadership and commitment to empowering local artisans were evident as he facilitated discussions and provided support to ensure the success of the initiative.

As a demonstration of his dedication to promoting economic empowerment and preserving cultural heritage, Mayor Furigay worked alongside Vice President Robredo to distribute weaving threads to the artisans. This gesture underscored their joint commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and sustainable livelihoods in the region.

The Angat Buhay Weaving Center stands as a testament to Mayor Furigay’s vision for community development and prosperity in Lamitan City. Additionally, during the visit, both Mayor Furigay and Vice President Robredo took a moment to honor the memory of the late former Mayor Rose Furigay, recognizing her significant contributions to the community.

The presence of Mayor Furigay and Vice President Robredo, alongside esteemed guests such as Isabela City Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin and Congressman Mujiv Hataman, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in driving positive change and progress in Basilan. Their collective commitment to community development exemplifies the power of unity and partnership in fostering a brighter future for the region.

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