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Mayor Oric Furigay paves path for Lamitan City’s New Law Firm

Lamitan City Mayor Oric Furigay, alongside esteemed legal luminary Atty. Rayhana A. Sabtaluh, convened on March 21, 2024, to discuss the imminent establishment of a pioneering law firm within our vibrant community.

Mayor Furigay’s visionary leadership has long been synonymous with progress and innovation in Lamitan City. With a keen eye for opportunities that enrich the lives of residents, Mayor Furigay has tirelessly championed initiatives aimed at enhancing access to essential services and fostering a culture of empowerment.

The forthcoming establishment of a local law firm stands as a testament to Mayor Furigay’s unwavering commitment to advancing the welfare of Lamitan City’s constituents. By facilitating discussions and forging partnerships with legal experts like Atty. Rayhana A. Sabtaluh, Mayor Furigay has set the stage for a transformative leap forward in the city’s legal landscape.

Under Mayor Furigay’s guidance, Lamitan City is poised to embrace a new era of legal empowerment and advocacy. With the establishment of the law firm, residents can look forward to accessible legal assistance, representation, and justice—all fundamental pillars of a thriving and inclusive society.

Atty. Rayhana A. Sabtaluh’s involvement further underscores Mayor Furigay’s dedication to fostering excellence and integrity within Lamitan City’s legal sphere. As a beacon of expertise and leadership, Atty. Sabtaluh’s presence promises to elevate the standards of legal practice and uphold the principles of fairness and justice.

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