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Mayor Rabat leads 41 couples’ wedding rites in Mati City

Mati City Mayor Michelle N. Rabat has officiated the wedding of 41 couples in the city.

The Kasalang Bayan was recently held inside the Lanes Kan-anan as part of the Valentine’s Day celebration this month.

A 60-year-old groom was the oldest and married a 45-year-old partner, the city government said.

On the other hand, a 63-year-old was the oldest bride, marrying a 54-year-old husband.

The city government provided the couples free documents, such as CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage Record, affidavit of cohabitation, and a wedding venue.

Mati LGU also gave cakes, aras with a box, and souvenir photos to the newlyweds.

“Ang 41 ka bag-ong magtiayon nagpuyo sulod sa di mubaba sa lima ka tuig diin ang pinakadugay nga paresan nagpuyo sulod sa 27 anyos,” the city government said.

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