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Mayor Rona Piang-Flores flexes Search for Model Barangay

The officieal search for the best barangay just commenced.

Upi Mayor Rona Piang-Flores recently announced that seven out of 23 barangays of Upi were validated for the Search for Model Barangay (SMB) Municipal Validation by the LGU officials, department heads, section chiefs, and other functionaries.

On May 18, 2023, the team went to Barangays Renti and Bantek for validation. The next day was scheduled for Barangays Ranao Pilayan and Rifao.

Meanwhile, Barangays Nangi, Blensong, and Mirab underwent another evaluation today.
Sixteen Barangays are yet to be assessed by the team.

In addition, part of the activity is the assessment for the Search for Resilient Barangay (SRB), an innovative initiative undertaken by the Municipal Risk Reduction and Management Office.

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