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Mayor Uy bars public from entering Ekran Berhad in IGACOS

Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Al David T. Uy has prohibited the public from entering Ekran Berhad located in Sitio Tucanga, Barangay Libertad.

He issued an executive order regarding the prohibition following the garbage build-up due to “unsupervised waste disposal” in the area.

“Since it (Ekran Berhad) has ceased operation, there are no standby personnel at the resort such as lifeguards and others who will be available to assist in the event of accidents and emergencies and supervise proper disposal of wastes within the premises,” Uy said in EO No. 24, series of 2024, which he issued Wednesday, April 17.

“The public is hereby prohibited to enter Ekran Berhad premises effective immediately,” he said.

The mayor said swimming, picnicking, lotering, sightseeing, cooking, grilling, drinking of liquors and alcoholic beverages, and other related acitivities are strictly prohibited.

Uy ordered the Philippine National Police, Task Force Samal, and Barangay Libertad Officials to implement his EO.

He tasked the City Government and Natural Resources Office to ensure that waste disposal shall be properly observed.

He also directed the City Engineering Office to put up a signage at the entry point of Ekran Berhad, notifying the public of the prohibition to enter the premises and the prohibited activities.

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