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Mayor Uy imposes curfew on minors during Holy Week observance

Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Al David T. Uy has issued an executive order imposing a curfew on minors during the Lenten break in the city.

Under EO No. 12, Uy said the curfew hours begin on March 24 until March 31, from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

“In the interest of public order and safety and in order to commemorate this sacred week, it is imperative to regulate the movement of minors especially during night time to protect their well being,” the mayor said.

“All minors/children below 18 years old shall be prohibited to loiter, stray or wonder outside of their house, dormitory or boarding house,” he said.

But minors may be allowed outside when accompanied by parents or guardians; when involved in emergency situation or unforeseen circumstances; when engaged in an employment or school class and are returning home from such activity or class without detour or stop; and when attending a school, religious or civic sponsored activity provided it is supervised by adults and the minors are returning home from such activity.

Uy tasked the Philippine National Police or Punong Barangays of respective barangays to implement the EO.

Violators of the EO shall be penalized in accordance with City Ordinance 1999-09, otherwise known as “An ordinance imposing the observance of curfew hours for all minors in public places in the Island Garden City of Samal,” and other applicable laws.

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