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Mayor Yngwie Hero B Celebrates Tribu Kamanting’s Success at Sinulog Festival 2024

Mayor Yngwie Hero B of LGU-San Jose, Dinagat Islands, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the Tribu Kamanting Performing Arts Guild for their outstanding performance and achievements at the Sinulog Festival 2024 in Cebu. The mayor personally received the awards earned by the tribe during the festival’s Awarding Ceremonies held at South Road Properties, Cebu, on January 22, 2024, alongside Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama.

Tribu Kamanting, representing the vibrant culture and artistic heritage of Dinagat Islands, captivated audiences with their mesmerizing performances that showcased the region’s rich traditions and customs. Mayor Yngwie Hero B commended the tribe for their dedication, talent, and commitment to promoting the cultural identity of LGU-San Jose and Dinagat Islands on a national stage.

The mayor emphasized the importance of supporting and nurturing local talent and cultural initiatives, recognizing Tribu Kamanting’s success as a source of pride and inspiration for the entire community. He reiterated LGU-San Jose’s unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage of Dinagat Islands, ensuring that its traditions are upheld and cherished for generations to come.

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