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Migs Dominguez named new Alsons Dev president

CEO Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev), one of country’s leading real estate developers has appointed Miguel Rene Dominguez as its new President and Chief Executive Officer.

The company announced that Dominguez will be succeeding his mother Rosie Dominguez, who will be retiring from her position as Executive Vice President.

“Dominguez’s extensive experience in agriculture, government, and management positions him to lead Alsons Dev into a future of continued success and innovation,” the company said.

In addition to being the new President and CEO of Alsons Dev, Dominguez will concurrently serve as the Director for Corporate Strategy for the Alcantara Group’s Agribusiness Unit (ABU), underscoring his versatility and the trust the organization places in his leadership capabilities.

“As Dominguez steps into his new roles, his wealth of experience and visionary approach herald a new chapter for Alsons Dev and the bigger Alcantara Group, which is celebrating its 70th founding anniversary this year,” it added.

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