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Omar Duterte welcomes 30th with a red and black glam birthday

Omar Duterte’s Birthday Bonanza in A Red and Black Affair is Fit for Davao Royalty!

In the vibrant world of Davao’s Barangay Buhangin, all eyes are on Omar Duterte, the charismatic Barangay Captain who knows how to throw a birthday bash that turns heads.

The latest buzz? Omar’s recent birthday celebration, where he pulled out all the stops with a red and black theme that screamed opulence.

The soirée, documented through snippets on his sister-in-law’s Facebook stories, unfolded as a visual feast of luxury.

From the extravagant table settings to the lavish decor, every detail spoke of a celebration fit for royalty.

The red and black color scheme added a touch of sophistication, giving the event an air of glamour that had social media abuzz.

As the son of Davao City 1st District Representative Paolo Duterte and his ex-wife Lovelie Sangkola, Omar Duterte seems to effortlessly carry the torch of the Duterte flair for grandeur.

The glitzy affair not only showcased his impeccable taste but also hinted at the legacy of a family deeply rooted in the political landscape of Davao.

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