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Proud tatay yan! Rigo Duterte posts adorable Tres grad pics

Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte III just melted hearts all over social media by sharing the most adorable graduation pics of his son, Tres, alongside his beautiful wife, Issa Labrador. The family looked picture-perfect as they celebrated Tres’s big milestone at Stockbridge American International School.

“Congrats Tres!” Rodrigo captioned the emotional post. The photos capture Tres in his graduation attire, beaming with excitement and pride, while Issa stands by his side, radiating happiness and love.

The proud dad didn’t stop there; he shared a series of snapshots that documented the special day, from Tres receiving his diploma to family hugs and high-fives. The proud parents were all smiles, clearly thrilled about their son’s achievement.

This proud moment was further elevated by the presence of several friends and family members, who joined in the celebration, making it a day to remember. Rodrigo’s post quickly garnered countless likes and comments, with friends and followers showering Tres with congratulations and best wishes for his future.

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