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Provincial gov’t bars unauthorized mountaineering activities in Davao de Oro

The Davao de Oro government has banned the public from all unauthorized mountaineering activities within the province.

The Provincial Tourism Office (PTO) issued a public advisory on the prohibition, covering personal climbs, expeditions, and commercially organized tours.

“Recent occurrences of shear line, trough of LPA (low-pressure area), and unpredictable weather patterns have significantly increased the risk of landslides, flash floods, and other natural disasters in our mountains. Engaging in mountaineering during this time poses a serious threat to the safety of climbers,” the advisory read.

But mountaineering activities related to scientific research may be granted permits on a case-to-case basis.

The provincial government urged the people to report any social media posts or invitations for mountaineering activities in Davao de Oro that lack proper permits and coordination with local authorities.

“Violators may face penalties as outlined by provincial and national laws,” it said.

The provincial and municipal government units would make the necessary announcement when they would lift the ban.

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