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Rabat admin seeks ways to protect marine wildlife in Mati City’s Mayo Bay

The Mati City government, under the leadership of Mayor Michelle N. Rabat, would take measures to protect marine wildlife in Mayo Bay.

This was after two marine turtles were rescued from Mayo Bay recently from being entangled in nylon and pierced by a fishing hook.

The city government said the Mati Watersports Association team, which saved the turtles, turned the animals to the City Veterinary Services Office (CVSO).

The CVSO team led by Dr. Marites Erispe performed an immediate surgery on one of the severely injured turtles, estimated to be 30 years old and weighing 60 kilograms.

“Despite their efforts, the turtle’s injuries necessitated the amputation of one of its limbs,” the city government said.

The turtle would be transferred to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Aboitiz Company for ongoing care, as it could no longer survive in the wild.

Meanwhile, the city government said the second turtle suffered only minor injuries. It would undergo a recovery period before its release back into the ocean.

The local government noted that the rescue operation showed the ongoing challenges faced by marine life in Mayo Bay, with nearly two turtle-related accidents reported each month.

“In response to this incident, the City of Mati local government unit (LGU) has scheduled a meeting to discuss actions to preserve and conserve marine wildlife in Mati waters, particularly in Mayo Bay,” the city government said.

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