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Rep. Bai Dimple Mastura’s Office Addresses Facebook Account Hack

Technical Glitch Temporarily Disrupts Social Media Presence of the Maguindanao del Norte Representative.

The official Facebook account of Representative Bai Dimple Mastura, serving Maguindanao del Norte with Cotabato City, is currently facing technical difficulties, as reported by her office today. The page, previously known as the official #KongresistaNgMasa, fell victim to a hacking incident, resulting in an unauthorized change of its name.

A statement released by Representative Bai Dimple Mastura’s office assured the public that their technical team is actively working to address the issue and restore full control over the Facebook account. The legislator’s team is committed to rectifying the situation and is advising recipients of any suspicious messages from the account to disregard them.

“We are currently in the process of recovering the account and resolving the technical glitches that have affected our official Facebook page. We appreciate the understanding of our constituents during this time,” said a spokesperson for Representative Bai Dimple Mastura.

The office emphasized that once the account has been fully recovered, an official statement will be issued to update the public and address any concerns arising from the incident.

In the meantime, Representative Bai Dimple Mastura’s team urged the public to remain vigilant and ignore any misleading or inappropriate content that may be circulated under the compromised account. They assured the community that steps are being taken to prevent further unauthorized access and to safeguard the integrity of their online presence.

In a message of resilience and faith, the statement concluded with a plea for understanding and invoked the hope that those responsible for the hacking would be enlightened by a higher sense of morality and accountability.

The office of Representative Bai Dimple Mastura expressed gratitude for the community’s support and understanding during this challenging time and vowed to continue serving with dedication and transparency.

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