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Rep. Bai Rihan Sakaluran Pushes for Enhanced Skills Training for Students

Representative Bai Rihan Sakaluran, during a recent sectoral meeting, brought attention to the importance of developing the skill sets of students. This aligns with President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s vision of providing young people with the necessary skills to secure quality jobs in a dynamic job market.

In the sectoral meeting, Rep. Sakaluran emphasized the planned integration of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) into all Senior High School tracks. This initiative aims to equip students with additional skills and certifications, ensuring they are prepared for a variety of industries and professions.

The proactive approach of Rep. Sakaluran mirrors President Marcos Jr.’s commitment to fostering a highly skilled and competitive workforce. It represents a collective effort to invest in the education and training of the youth, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and resilient nation.

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