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Rep. Bai Rihan Sakaluran to welcome Miss Universe PH delegates in Mindanao

Representative Bai Rihan Sakaluran is thrilled to announce the next exciting phase of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant’s journey. The preliminary activities are set to unfold in the captivating region of Mindanao, specifically in the breathtaking province of Sultan Kudarat. Known as the Land of Royalty and natural wonders, Sultan Kudarat promises a rich tapestry of culture, heritage, and scenic beauty.

As the pageant ventures into this remarkable destination, contestants and organizers alike are gearing up for an unforgettable exploration of Sultan Kudarat’s charms. From its majestic landscapes to its vibrant communities, the province offers a unique backdrop for celebrating beauty, grace, and diversity.

Representative Sakaluran extends a warm invitation to all enthusiasts and supporters of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant to join in the excitement. With anticipation building for this leg of the journey, participants and spectators alike can look forward to a showcase of elegance, talent, and the spirit of Mindanao.

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