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Rep. Bingo Matugas Acknowledges Speaker Romualdez’s Dedication to Service at Gensan Function

Cong. Bingo Matugas of Surigao del Norte eloquently addressed the remarkable events that unfolded during the week. Amidst the bustling committee hearings, Speaker Romualdez graciously made time to meet with the officials from Mainland Surigao, showcasing his unwavering commitment to serving the nation.

On Monday, February 26, Speaker Romualdez himself convened the Committee of the Whole to deliberate on Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) #7, a significant legislative matter. The session also doubled as an induction ceremony for new members of the LAKAS-CMD party from Surigao del Norte.

Congressman Matugas, expressing his heartfelt gratitude, extended a warm appreciation to Speaker Romualdez for his generosity and hospitality towards the Surigaonon delegation. This gesture embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration in the halls of Congress.

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