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Rep. Claudine Bautista Extends Heartfelt Tribute to Mothers on Special Day

Representative Claudine Bautista conveyed a heartfelt tribute to all mothers, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to families and communities.

Amidst the festivities, Bautista emphasized the immeasurable impact of mothers’ unwavering care, sacrifices, and affection, which serve as the cornerstone of familial bonds.

“In this special day, I extend my deepest respect and gratitude to all mothers,” stated Bautista. “Your boundless care, sacrifices, and love truly illuminate our homes and communities.”

Highlighting mothers as the unsung heroes behind every success, Bautista underscored their pivotal role in nurturing and guiding their children towards achievement and fulfillment.

“Your love and support are the foundation upon which our families thrive,” expressed Bautista, emphasizing the indispensable role of mothers in shaping the character and future of their offspring.

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