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Rep. Claudine Bautista Leads Collaboration as MAGTODA Receives DSWD Payout in Davao City

Rep. Claudine Bautista, from Magtuod, Maa, Davao City, spearheaded a significant stride towards community advancement as the Magtuod Toda Association (MAGTODA) of Barangay Magtuod, Pob. Davao City, received the AICS DSWD Payout. This payout, benefiting 160 hardworking drivers, provided each individual with Php 2,000, marking a step forward for our community.

Bautista’s leadership and collaborative efforts have paved the way for tangible progress, reflecting the shared commitment to uplift the welfare of community members. The distribution of financial assistance to the dedicated drivers of MAGTODA exemplifies the transformative power of cooperation and solidarity within communities.

“As we move forward together, we celebrate this milestone in our journey towards community advancement,” expressed Claudine Bautista. “The payout received by MAGTODA underscores the significance of collaborative endeavors in driving positive change and enhancing the livelihoods of our fellow citizens.”

Under Bautista’s guidance, the assistance provided to MAGTODA drivers serves as a testament to the commitment to promote economic resilience and empower families to thrive in challenging times. By supporting the hardworking individuals who contribute to the local transportation sector, this initiative aims to create opportunities for growth and prosperity for all its residents.

As the community continues to unite under Claudine Bautista’s leadership, the distribution of the AICS DSWD Payout represents a tangible step towards building a more inclusive and prosperous society. Through collective action and mutual support, Davao City endeavors to create opportunities for growth and prosperity for all its residents.

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