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Rep. Claudine Bautista Returns to Congress, Pledges Commitment to Community Needs

Representative Claudine Bautista expressed her heartfelt delight as she returned to her duties at the House of Representatives in the Philippines Congress. With unwavering dedication, she is fully committed to fulfilling the objectives of her role and addressing the pressing needs of the community she serves.

Acknowledging the honor and privilege of public service, Rep. Bautista is eager to collaborate with her colleagues in effecting positive change and making meaningful contributions to society. She views her role as a lawmaker as a significant opportunity to advocate for the welfare and interests of her constituents.

In her statement, Rep. Bautista conveyed her gratitude for the steadfast support she continues to receive from her constituents and allies. Their unwavering encouragement fuels her determination to work tirelessly in the service of the people and to champion their concerns and aspirations.

Rep. Claudine Bautista’s return to Congress signifies a renewed commitment to her duties and responsibilities as a public servant. With a focus on addressing the needs of the community and effecting positive change, she is poised to make meaningful contributions to legislative initiatives that will benefit the Filipino people.

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