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Rep. Claudine Diana Bautista flexes tourist spots in Davao Occidental

The Politiko highlighted the Christ the Redeemer Tower as a must-visit attraction.

Representative Claudine Diana Bautista shared about her visit to the town of Jose Abad Santos in Davao Occidental. Along with the visit, she also took the opportunity to see the famous attraction of the town, the Christ the Redeemer Tower, which sits atop a mountain, offering a breathtaking view of the vast land and sea.

According to Representative Bautista, the Christ the Redeemer Tower is a beautiful place to visit, and it is a popular destination for both local and international tourists. As a proud daughter of Davao Occidental, she takes pride in this landmark, which showcases the beauty of her province. One of its most famous landmarks is the Christ the Redeemer Tower, which stands 30 meters tall and offers a panoramic view of the town below and the vast ocean beyond.

The tower has become a popular destination for tourists because of its unique location on top of a mountain, and the stunning view it offers. It is also a symbol of the strong faith of the people in Davao Occidental, who have built the tower to honor their devotion to Christ the Redeemer.

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