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Representative Maricar S. Zamora Rallies Support for Young Athletes and Teachers

Representative Maricar S. Zamora of the First District of Davao de Oro is showing her support and encouragement for young athletes and educators in her district who are participating in the upcoming Davao de Oro Provincial Athletic Association (DDOPAA) Meet.

This year, the district’s delegation includes teams from the towns of Compostela, Maragusan, Monkayo, Montevista, and New Bataan. The event is scheduled to take place from February 21st to February 25th, 2024, at Pantukan in Golden Davao.

As a gesture of support, Representative Zamora organized a “pabaon” or a send-off ceremony to boost the spirits and motivation of the participants. She expressed her well-wishes for all the athletes and teachers, hoping that they will achieve their goals successfully during the athletic meet.

In her message, she emphasized the importance of competing with sportsmanship, respecting teammates and competitors, and most importantly, having fun. Representative Zamora believes that such values are essential in nurturing the holistic development of young athletes, not just in their sports performance but also in their character and teamwork.

She concluded her message by extending her best wishes and blessings to all the participants. As the district looks forward to a successful and fulfilling DDOPAA Meet, the support from Representative Maricar S. Zamora is a testament to the importance of sports and education in the holistic growth of young individuals.

The upcoming event is not just about competition; it’s about building friendships, learning valuable lessons, and fostering camaraderie among the youth. It is a celebration of sportsmanship, determination, and community spirit, and the district is proud to be part of such an inspiring and uplifting event.

For more information about the DDOPAA Meet and updates on the district’s participation, visit the official social media channels of Representative Maricar S. Zamora or the DDOPAA website.

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