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Sabina Duterte drops pics from Coastal Escape, Family Beach Vacation

In a picturesque coastal retreat, Sabina Duterte, daughter of Pulong Duterte and January Duterte, recently embarked on a sun-soaked beach vacation with her family.

Amidst the tranquil shores and azure waters, the Duterte clan basked in the warmth of familial bonds, savoring each moment of togetherness. Against the backdrop of sandy beaches and gentle waves, Sabina captured a candid snapshot of her brother Uno, immortalizing the joy and camaraderie shared amidst the idyllic scenery. As the Duterte family embraced the serenity of their seaside escape, they forged memories to cherish for a lifetime, reinforcing the significance of quality time spent amidst the beauty of nature’s coastal splendor.

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