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“Team Dalipe Celebrates Gozo Festival 2024 at Alegria na Fonda de San Jose Gusu”

At the vibrant celebration of the Gozo Festival 2024 in Alegria na Fonda de San Jose Gusu, Team Dalipe took center stage at the Supermom competition and Mayor’s Night held at San Jose Elementary School. The event, held on Friday evening, April 26th, honored the beloved patron saint of the barangay, St. Joseph, and was graced by the presence of the mayor and esteemed guests, including Majority Leader Congressman Mannix Dalipe, Vice Mayor Josephine Pareja, Barangay Chairman Marlon Torres, SK Chairman Leo Villanueva, and other barangay officials. The festivities, spanning five days, showcased a diverse array of joyful activities, fostering unity and celebration among residents.

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