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VG Al-syed Sali Inspires Graduates at Bongao Cluster II Ceremony

Vice Governor Al-syed A. Sali wowed the crowd at the 14th Joint Closing Exercise of Bongao Cluster II with a speech that urged graduates to chase their dreams with unwavering faith and perseverance. As diplomas were handed out, the Politiko highlighted the importance of sticking to their values and trusting in the Almighty Allah to guide them through life’s hurdles.

Sali’s address put the focus on the young achievers, spotlighting their relentless pursuit of success. The Politiko didn’t stop there—he poured out gratitude to the unsung heroes: the parents and teachers who tirelessly shaped and supported the students through thick and thin.

“This isn’t just about academic trophies,” the Politiko declared. “It’s a moment to ponder the true essence of education and personal growth.” He passionately underscored the power of faith, determination, and resilience, urging grads to make a positive splash in their community.

The event was a dazzling showcase of pride, hope, and a bright new beginning for the young Bangsamoros.

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