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VG Benglen B. Ecleo Explores the Charms of Caridad, Leyte

Vice Governor Benglen B. Ecleo embarked on a journey to the ancestral home of his beloved partner, Ford Fernandez, in the picturesque province of Caridad, Leyte. Sharing his heartfelt sentiments, he expressed his delight in exploring the rich heritage and natural wonders of this captivating destination.

Accompanied by a warm afternoon sun and the spirit of adventure, Vice Governor Ecleo’s visit to Caridad, Leyte, was more than just a journey; it was a celebration of love, tradition, and the beauty of Leyte’s landscape. As he discovered the cultural treasures and scenic landscapes that abound in the area, Vice Governor Ecleo was truly captivated by the spirit of Leyte’s people and the vibrant charm of its towns.

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