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VG Benglen B. Ecleo, MaEd, Spearheads Dinagat Islands’ Bold Initiative Against Malnutrition

Vice Governor Benglen B. Ecleo, MaEd, has emerged as a driving force behind Dinagat Islands’ ambitious campaign to address malnutrition. Under her leadership, a groundbreaking project was launched on February 16, 2024, at the EOC in Barangay Santa Cruz, San Jose City.

In her address, Vice Governor Ecleo conveyed her unwavering commitment to the initiative. She pledged to work closely with the Provincial Health Office to ensure the project’s success and sustainability, striving to cultivate a lasting culture of health and resilience within the local communities.

Championing the cause alongside Vice Governor Ecleo, various officials provided critical insights into the project’s significance. Ms. Cherillyn Jumanguin-Benitez, RN, underscored the initiative’s central goal: to provide immediate assistance in addressing the concerning issue of malnutrition both in the nation and in the Dinagat province.

Dr. Vinjohan S. Manlapaz, PHO II, shed light on the project’s synergy with the Department of Health’s Healthy Pilipinas program. This alignment secured a significant one million pesos grant for the Dinagat Islands province, a pivotal step in fortifying the region against nutritional risks.

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