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VG Benglen Ecleo unveils advocacy to support local

The Politiko wants his constituents to use plastic creatively.

Dinagat Islands Vice Governor Benglen Ecleo is a strong advocate of supporting local businesses, and one of his recent initiatives is promoting the use of creative alternatives to plastic products. He encourages everyone to start their journey towards a less plastic lifestyle by using Nito Baskets from Nida Nito Products, based in the Municipality of Basilisa.

The Vice Governor himself has been spotted using these eco-friendly baskets, showcasing his support for this local product. The use of these baskets not only promotes sustainability but also helps boost the local economy.

The Nida Nito Basket is a product of Dinagat Islands, a province known for its abundant natural resources. These baskets are made from the Nito vine, a versatile and durable material that has been traditionally used in weaving for centuries.

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