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VG Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta Champions Lifestyle Changes for Breast Cancer Prevention

Vice Governor Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta delivered an impactful lecture titled “Lifestyle Modification for Breast Cancer Prevention” at the recent Lady Local Legislators’ League (4L) of Sarangani Province Annual General Assembly.

Popularly known as DokVice, Dr. De Peralta emphasized the critical role of lifestyle changes in proactively reducing the risk of breast cancer. His lecture highlighted the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, moderating alcohol consumption, and abstaining from tobacco use. These lifestyle adjustments not only lower the likelihood of breast cancer but also contribute to overall well-being.

Dr. De Peralta’s emphasis on healthy lifestyle modifications reflects his commitment to prevention as a powerful strategy in the fight against breast cancer. By empowering individuals to make health-conscious decisions in their daily lives, DokVice addressed the holistic health needs of the women delegates. This proactive approach aligns with the belief that fostering healthy habits can serve as a foundational method for preventing various health conditions.

About Vice Governor Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta:
Vice Governor Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta is a dedicated advocate for health and wellness in Sarangani Province. His steadfast commitment to promoting preventive measures for breast cancer underscores his dedication to enhancing community health outcomes.

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