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VG Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta Delivers Assistance to Barangay Ticulab and Extends Compassion to Bereaved Families

VG Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta, recently launched the DokVice Project team.

This initiative, led by Barangay Affairs Coordinator Edgar C. Galvez, aims to provide targeted assistance and support to communities in need within the province.

The team embarked on a distribution activity across the municipalities of Maasim, Kiamba, and Maitum, reaching Barangay Ticulab in Maitum. There, they were greeted by Barangay Captain Hon. Lolita Wanan and the barangay council, who requested assistance in the form of steel pipes and a pitcher pump.

The provision of these essential items to Barangay Ticulab represents the DokVice Project’s commitment to addressing the specific needs of communities and fostering local development. By facilitating access to clean water and vital infrastructure, the project aims to improve the quality of life for residents.

Moreover, the Office of Vice Governor De Peralta expanded its support by extending rice sack allocations to wakes held in condolence for families facing loss in Barangay Colon (Maasim), Barangay Tambilil (Kiamba), and Barangay Maguling (Maitum). This compassionate gesture underscores the Vice Governor’s dedication to providing assistance during difficult times and supporting local traditions of community solidarity and care.

Overall, the DokVice Project exemplifies the proactive and community-oriented approach of the Sarangani Provincial Local Government, led by Vice Governor Dr. Elmer T. De Peralta. By recognizing and addressing the unique needs of each community, the project contributes to the overall well-being and resilience of the province’s residents.

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