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VG Shirlyn Villanueva on Gilas rambulan: What have we become?

The Politiko said that she used to play basketball in high school as well.

North Cotabato Vice Governor Shirlyn Macasarte Villanueva recently shared her sentiments on the recently concluded game between Gilas PIlipinas and Australia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. The Politiko thinks that the players during the game, which ended in a brawl amongst team members, failed to bear in mind that they are bringing honor and dignity of the nation.

“Many times, we were tested to go beyond and below that protocol that is expected but there were so much time that we find ways and even backed off just to preserve and give our country the highest respect”, VG Shirlyn narrated in a lengthy post.

“Tonight, I will sleep thinking and asking what have we become. I hope, when emotions run down they get to examine and see if what they’ve done was right and will give what this country deserve.”, she quipped.

She added that she is venting out her sentiments because as a true Filipina, she’s “far from perfect”, but “manages to compose herself when I am given the opportunity to represent my country in many occasions”.

“Don’t tell me I don’t understand the spirit of camaraderie amongst player because in my high school and college days I also represented my school playing “basketball”. Now, tame yourself in reacting to this post because this is what I believe is right and above all you are in my wall”, she added.

Ultimately, she capped off her lengthy post with the hashtag, “#pusohindigilas.”

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